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The drawings of Maurice Sand from the 19th century of the caracters of the Commedia dell'Arte have always facinated me. I found the pearly fabric (an old curtain) on a flea market in Hamburg and thought it would be a harmonic backdrop for the old drawings. The wig was half a metre high but very light weight. I still love the delicate beauty of this costume that is very easy to wear.


Commedia dell'arte meets Marie Antoinette

teatro sulla testa

Commedia dell'arte meets Marie Antoinette waiting for vaporetto

Commedia dell'arte meets Marie Antoinette in San Giorgio

Commedia dell'arte meets Marie Antoinette...hush,hush


with Morena

Morena & Farinella

under the lights

Commedia's lips

Commedia in the Florian


Sfilata (Original-Photo)

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