The Queen of Carnevale di Venzia 2015 PDF Drucken E-Mail

"La cucina Venexiana  - La Regina della cucina"...and the queen of the carnevale 2015!!!! Winning the carnvival of Venice for the fourth time after 2007, 2008 & 2009. And being under the last three in the finale with my second costume "La bella peste seducente di Venezia"


Dear friends all over the world. Yes, I did it again. After not competing for three years I won the international competition "La piu bella maschera (in tema) del Carnevale di Venezia". And my other, single person and very acclaimed and loved costume "La bella peste seducente di Venezia", a dark interpretation of the story of the plague that ruled the town for long in the past, was under the last three for the choice of "La piu bella maschera" in the finale.

This year the jury gave three equal prizes for the "piu bella in tema" (me), "piu bella" (my long time costume fellow Horst Raack) and "piu bella creativa" (my dear friend Lorenzo Marconi from Senigallia, Italy). The prize was a beautiful handcrafted Murano glass plate and of course the honour to be elected under some hundreds of costumes in the competition from all over the world.

I am delighted to see one of my ever favourite costumes (I made the Regina in 2009 where she placed second after the costume group I made with Horst back then) being honoured with the praise she deserves. The idea to this beautiful costume, very close to the Venetian history of excellent cuisine and other references to Venice and its history, was born in a kitchen in Venice. The wonderful wonderland of good cooking, friendship and passion of my dear friend Maria Grazia Calo, who is my closest friend in Venice for many years, and was a chef in RAI I TV. She is a cuisine goodess and pampers me with the best food and secrets of Italian cooking. For her I made the costume, she wore it the first time. And this time, my very brave friends from Vicenza Monica & Leo gave me the honour to take her up there on the stage and secure her victory by presenting this stunning 18th century based / modernized to "contemporary Venetian costume art" dress with charm and great appeal. Thanks you, Monica and Leo, you were fantastic!

During the next weeks I will have an exhibition and offer workshops in mask decorating at the Frühjahrsmesse Kassel (fair for homestyle and gardening) - you are very welcome to visit me there and take part in the costume competition that I will host and vote in my award winning Regina della cucina costume . After March 10th I will have time to work on great new projects here in Germany and also in Venice. I found fantastic partners that I will cooperate with and there are great things to come for this and the next years. Then I will finally put my new website online with great photos I shot with super photographers during this carnival and more stories etc. from the last decades. It might take a while (as some of you know I do have two small children that need me too), but keep checking for the new website and updates on Facebook etc.. It will be worth it and there are interesting projects you will love in the pipeline. Promised!

Cordiali saluti, Tanja

PS: The photo art work from this season is just starting to roll in since the photographers also need some time. But I will post some great stuff soon.

Venice 2015....wonderful things to do... PDF Drucken E-Mail

Just a few days till I am heading off for my favourite place to be...

40kgs of costumes are on the way and in a few minutes I will have to squish 20 more into my suitcase. Mission Impossible!

My schedule is pretty full now with fotoshootings, parties, meetings friends, walk in costume, sitting in the Caffe Florian,etc., etc. ....and BANQUETS!

On Valentine's Day I will be dancing and celebrating on the "Casanova Grand Ball" of Atelier Marega.

Unfortunately without my Casanova who stays home this time. But it is a great chance to meet, talk, dance and laugh with friends from all over the world.

Tickets are still available, so if one of you wants to com and spend the evening at the same banquet...

See you in Venice soon!!! Buon carnevale a tutti!!!

Venice 2015 PDF Drucken E-Mail

Dear friends from all over the world! Less than an month to go til Carnevale starts in Venice, Italy. I am arriving Febuary 5th, going home 14 days later on the 19th. This time without the kids and hubby.


Time to get done with my costumes and pack them up, ship them over and finalize the plans for attending banquets and other events as well as making dates with photographers.

This year I will bring a surprise costume as usual…it will be a bit spooky, dark and bright and referring strongly to the Venetian history. And with a skirt never been seen like this in Venice. Promised!

Since the theme is “The carnival of good taste”, I welcome the chance to wear one of my favourite costumes again. I rarely bring the same twice, but it fits so perfectly and I wore it just for a day, some years ago. The “La cucina venexiana - La Regina della cucina” will see the light of Venice again. But I have some new ideas, to make the costume even more beautiful and interesting for you all to spend time looking at the details.


Apart from that my wig-sculptures are becoming more popular and requested. One is already sold this season, some more on stock at the wonderful (and highly recommended by me, cause Stefano and Valentina are have one of the most beautiful and REAL maskshops in Venice near Campo S. Barnaba) “Casin dei Nobili”. If you are looking for indiviual, arty handcrafted masks, go there, it is a wonderland! And more Venetians are interested in my work. Cannot wait to walk through that door this year and make lots of crazy, high, exciting, thrilling hair sculptures and see them walk in carnival!!! I’ll keep you updated.


I also hope to finally get the new website running with the next months. Far more work than I thought to set up a REALLY COOL page. But it will happen soon after carnival.


Also this season for the Germans: I do have two exhibitions of my costumes running: From January 26th to the beginning of Febuary a collection of my costumes can be seen in Cottbus at the Lausitz Park Mall.


And from Febuary 28th to 8th of March I will be at the Messe Kassel everyday with my own little “Boudoir” of masks, little things and costumes. I will be giving mask making classes for the guests three times a day. So good chance to work and talk with me! Come and visit me and the nice spring fair they have in Kassel. Lots of interesting things to see, make and buy.


In summer I am also planning to give classes in costume making, here in Hamburg. If you are interested, let me know.


Ci vediamo a Venezia, Hamburg or Kassel, cannot wait to get started and meet you all!!!

Enjoy carnevale and its prepartions!


Cordiali saluti, Tanja

Photos of 2014 are online PDF Drucken E-Mail

Sorry guys, that it took so long, but now finally the photos of 2014 are online - the "Titanic" and the "History of the Carnival".

Endlich sind die Fotos von 2014 online - die "Titanic" und die "Geschichte des venezianischen Karnevals".

Fürs Tagebuch - Aqua Alta PDF Drucken E-Mail

Links zu den Fernsehsendungen:

ZDF - Hallo Deutschland - Carnevale di Venezia

WDR - Hier und Heute- Carnevale Grande

h3 - hessentipp




Liebes Tagebuch:

Das Wetter dieses Jahr im Carnevale war verrückt: erst bester Sonnenschein, so wie wir es kennen und uns wünschen, dann das große Inferno: Regen, Donnergrollen, Blitz und Hagelsturm, genau in der Nacht vom ersten März, in der ALLE wichtigen Bälle stattfinden. Z.B. Der Ball des Dogen, die Calavchina in der Fenice und auch der kleine, etwas originellere Ball auf den ich als Stargast eingeladen wurde. Es goss so sehr, dass wir Gummistiefel anzogen, die Kleider in Ikeatüten mit doppelt Plastik einpacken mussten. Dann ging es im Galopp zum Ballsaal und wir wurden trotzdem klatschnass. Dann schnell angezogen, ein paar Stunden schön gefeiert und die gleiche Verpackungsarie zurück.

Dann am Sonntag, dem Tag, an dem Horst ganz locker den Wettbewerb gewann (ich war nicht dabei, weil mein Freund aus der Schweiz, der mein Galan als Eisberg war, schon nach Basel zurück musste (die Fasnacht dort ruft!!!) und außerdem mein Auge so entzündet war, dass ich kein Make-up oder Kontaktlinsen tragen konnte), regnete es wirklich bis der Wettbewerb anfing. Ich drückte ganz fest die Daumen, dass die ganze schöne Arbeit von Horst nicht umsonst gewesen war. Und wirklich pünktlich zu Start war es zumindest von oben trocken.

Trotzdem war es traurig, die Kleidersäume durch die Pfützen schlurren zu sehen. Da blutet des Kostümmachers Herz. Ich schlich mich in den Backstagebereich, um Horst noch über die Schulter zu spucken und ihm Glück zu wünschen "I bocca al lupo" (in den Mund des Wolfes) wie man hier sagt.

Hat wohl geholfen, denn Horst war der ganz klare Sieger.

Gestern war das Wetter dann wieder schön, ich wagte mich noch einmal raus für ein paar Stunden, endlich wieder Sonne. Ich habe noch tolle Kostümfreunde und Fotografen getroffen, für die ich sonst nie Zeit gehabt habe und wir machten schöne Fotos. Allerdings nahm mein entzündetes Auge Rache. Nun ist es komplett zugeschwollen. Und da man mir letzten Freitag das gesamte Portemonaie geklaut hat (mit allen Karten, Geld, Perso etc. - ich lasse es sonst im Zimmer, hatte es nur kurz zum Essen mitgenommen, war auch das erste Mal in 15 Jahre, dass was weg kam), kann ich auch schlecht zum Arzt gehen. Ich werde wohl morgen nach der Rückkehr direkt vom Flughafen zum Augenarzt fahren, damit er mich für Wochenende in Kassel fit macht.

Gestern lag ich ab Mittag mit Fieber und triefendem Auge im Bett.

Was für ein verrückter Carnevale!!!! Ja, hier wird es nie langweilig, auch nach 15 Jahren nicht.

Ach ja, und eben heult draußen die Sirene für Aqua Alta, Hochwasser!!!! Meine Freundin Maria, bei der ich wohne, sagte: Och, das wird nur 1,20m. Da kannst Du nachher noch mal in Gummistiefeln kurz raus, um Dein Geschenk für den Kostümwettbewerb in Kassel zu kaufen.

Naja, mal sehen. Muss eh schauen, wie es mir geht. Das Fieber ist weg, das Auge suppt und schmerzt (das ist halt der Preis für die Schönheit, ich denke, mein Auge mochte den Wimpernkleber nicht).

Außerdem muss ich eigentlich im Hause bleiben, denn UPS hat versprochen, heute noch zu kommen und die Pakete mit den Kostümen nach Kassel zu bringen...aber wir sind ja in Italien....mal sehen ob das klappt. Wenn nicht gibt es nur noch einen Plan, die Titanic rechtzeitig nach Kassel zu bringen: Koffer leer machen, alle normalen Klamotten in die Transportkisten packen, Titanic in den normalen Koffer (lässt sich zum Glück fast alles zusammenfalten) pressen und ab zum Flughafen. Es gibt da  nur ein "großes" Problem: Die Perücke. Die passt nämlich auf gar keinen Fall in einen Koffer. Und das Schiff, die 30 Jahre alte Modellbau-Titanic, die mein Mann damals als Kommunions-Geschenk bekam und die heute ein zweites, spannendes Leben als Schmuckstück auf meinem Kopf erfährt, die MUSS in einen spezial Handgepäckkoffer, den der werte Herr Harald Schmidt (nicht der aus dem Fernsehen, nein, ein wunderbarer begabter Modellbauer aus Hamburg, der mir die Titanic sogar mit Beleuchtung fertiggebaut hat) extra für den Transport gebaut hat. Und da die Lufthansa maximal ein Handgepäckstück erlaubt, habe ich da ein Problem. Ich werde es einfach versuchen, beide reinzuschmuggeln. Und wenn die Check-in-Crew meckert. Dann setz ich mir die Perücke auf den Kopf und sage: ok, wo steht, wie groß ein Hut sein darf :-) So ähnliche wilde  Geschichten gäbe es aus den vergangenen 15 Jahren viele zu erzählen. Das werde ich vielleicht auch auf meiner neuen Website, an der ich die nächsten Monate arbeiten werde, auch tun. Ich wurde in den letzten Tagen in Venedig viel angesprochen, auf die Filme, die gerade über mich laufen, im ZDF, WDR und Kassel. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass ich so viele Fans habe. Das hat mich so sehr gefreut. Und einige meinten, ich solle mal ein Buch machen mit den schönsten Fotos und den tollsten Geschichten. Ich glaube, das Projekt gehe ich diesen Sommer mal an, wenn ich diesen Karneval verdaut und mich erholt habe. Ein Buch zu schreiben steht eh noch unberührt auf meiner Top-10-Liste-was-Tanja-noch-tun-will-im-Leben.

Aber es liegt noch soooo viel Schönes in der Zukunft...als ich so fiebrig im Bett lag gestern, umwaberten mich schon wieder großartige Ideen für die nächsten Kostüme :-) die Ideen lassen mich nie allein.

Nun bin ich aber sehr gespannt, was Horst und mich in Kassel beim Wettbewerb erwartet. Mal sehen, was die Kasseler sich haben einfallen lassen. Hab hier schon Deutsche getroffen, die extra nach Kassel kommen wollen, um teilzunehmen.

Also, Kassel und ihr lieben Leute dort, Samstag und Sonntag sind wir da, um Euch unsere schönen Kostüme zu zeigen und Euch auch zu sehen. Wir freuen uns!!!

Herzliche Grüsse aus der wässrigen Stadt Venedig, Eure Tanja

News update 2014 PDF Drucken E-Mail

Dear friends all over the world,

just a few days left until I'm heading for Venice for the 15th year. This time I will be filmed by German TV ZDF for "Hallo Deutschland Mondän". The TV people will follow me through Venice visiting my favourite places like Pasticceria Rizzardini, my hairdresser Michele Doardo (whose Banquet "The other side of the mask" I will attend on the 2nd of March, a few tickets still available), Caffé Florian for a delicious breakfast, etc.. Watch it on German TV ZDF of February 27th or 28th between 5 and 6 in the evening.

And I am going to attend the luxurious banquet "Best of Ballo del Doge" by the famous Antonia Sautter (who will be in the same film from ZDF). I was asked to wear one of her costumes, which is a first for me since I never wore somebody else's costume in Venice before.

Another first for me: I will be having an exhibition of ten of my costumes (1st till 9th of March) plus being walking act the weekend after Venice (8th and 9th of March) at a big fair in Kassel, Germany. Here you can see my costumes being displayed the first time in an exhibition.

But first is not only for me in 2014: I am delighted to welcome my friend Beat from Basel, Switzerland, to be my gentlemen in costume. Beat some years ago invited me to the great Basel Fasnacht and now it is his turn to discover the Venetian Carnival.

This year in general will bring a lot of changes for me as a costume maker. My passion, my second life, will after March become my profession. After 14 years of working for the German political magazine DER SPIEGEL I decided to change my worklife to about 180 degrees: I am happy and lucky to have a chance to now broaden my creative work and add a lot of projects I have been thinking about for years. So after having a look at this year's costume collection (most photos will be out by the end of March) it is worth taking more looks at this page through 2014.

Be curious for all the creative aspects I will unfold after March (can't wait!!!). Lot's of interesting things to come! Promised.

This year I will also spend more time on good photography during the carnival which I have not done that much during the last years. Most likely I will not take part in the competition and spend more time with photographers and the audience. Hope to meet you in the calle and piazze in Venice. Give me a hello when you see me and hope to see you in Carnevale (I will be in Venice from the 21st of Febuary till the 5th of March). I will check facebook and emails frequently. If you want to contact me, feel free to send me a message.

Ci vediamo a Venezia ed buon Carnevale!!!!


2013 Photos PDF Drucken E-Mail

14th year of carnevale lies behind me. It’s been a very special one for me. No competition, no TV etc., no stress, just fun with my daughter. Sophia has been with us since she was born, but always “out of the busy days” so this year we enjoyed her “first real” carnevale. Walking in costume as long as she wanted, after that strolling through Venice, throwing confetti and streamers, eating Fritelle and Pizza al volo, playing games and riding caroussells on the campi. It was one of the nicest and easy going carnivals I ever had.

Now all the fotos from photographers from all over the world are rolling in and some are ready for YOU to watch.

Enjoy a glimpse on my creations for Sophia and me, our “Golden Treasures” and “Paper dolls”.


Write me some feedback in the guestbook, Tanja


Coming to Venice 2013 PDF Drucken E-Mail

Dear friends all over the world,

just a few days left until Carnevale 2013. This year our whole little family will travel to Italy again to celebrate the beautiful carnvival of Venice. The boys will take it slow and we girls (my daughter and I) will be in town for the days around the peak weekend which will be early (9th & 10th of febuary) this year. So keep your fingers crossed for good, dry and not too cold weather for us, we might need it.

Sophia and I will wear two different, stunning dresses throughout the days and also take some time to enjoy the children’s carnival by the Biennale at Giardini and hopefully find some interesting and inspiring work shops etc. for Sophia.

So if you see some dolled up mother and daughter and golden treasures walking around, it might be us. Don’t hesitate so say “hello” to us.

Ci vediamo a Venezia, Tanja

Update Feb. 04: I was on TV! Click on the image to start the video.

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